Another collection has an extensive collection of videos.

YouTube videos of dances across the continent (USA and Canada)

Why We Contra Dance A video created by the Chattahoochee Country Dancers in Atlanta with various dancers explaining their love of contras.

A YouTube Playlist with over 60 videos of dances in

Contra dance video documentaries

Sara Stone's (8:57)
Time Out Productions Presents Contra Dance (29:04)
From what appears to be a local cable show, Time Out With Kevin Gallagher in Bethel, Connecticut. This segment seems to be more about the music than the dance, but does include conversation with caller Patricia Campbell.

Several series of "contra dance lessons"

Henry Morgenstern of Traverse City, Michigan has put together an instructional DVD, of which this is a 10 minute excerpt of the DVD, and features the moves
Allemande (0:39)
Ladies Chain (0:48)
Hey for Four (1:30)
Finding a new partner (6:15)
A Walk-through (7:40)
Gypsy Meltdown (8:40)
Star Promenade and Butterfly Whirl (9:01)

Hidden Secrets of the Contra Elite

chapter 2 (4:15)
How to dance togther - music keeps everyone in sync.
End your moves early in order to start the next move exactly on time.(2:38)
chapter 7 (4:41)
Giving Weight
chapter 12 (5:34)
How to fix a dance when people get lost

This series ("Contra Dance Training for Beginning Dancers") by members of the Chatahoochee Country Dancers shows some of the common contra dance moves. Early chapters show moves in detail, slower than dance speed.

Ch 1 - Introduction by Janet Shepherd (4:00)
Describes the purposes of the video series, and gives an overview of each chapter.
Ch 2 - Two dancers (6:16)
Basic moves typically danced by two dancers:
Do-si-do (0:30),
See-Saw (0:55),
Allemande (1:20),
Swing (3:00),
Balance & Swing (4:40),
Review with two couples at full speed (5:15)
Ch 3 - Four Dancers or Hands Four (6:12)
Circles (0:08),
Stars (1:40),
Laides Chain (2:30),
Right & Left Through (4:05),
Review (5:15)
(Regional note: this video shows "Hands Across Stars")
Ch 4 - A Contra Line & Progression (2:41)
Organization of a contra dance set (0:10),
Nomenclature (up the hall, down the hall, top of the set, bottom of the set),
Hands Four (0:55),
(number one couples, number two couples, partners, neighbors),
Progression (2:00)
Out at the end (2:15)
Ch 5 - Come Dance With Us (2:45)
Interviews with dancers with a variety of experience levels
Tracy, two months (0:05)
Tony, two years (0:42)
Liz, seven months (1:12)
Ann, "Newby Nannie" (1:34)
Sally, "Cashier/Hostess" (2:05)
Ch 6 - Called Dance I (4:17)
Start of walk-through (0:14)
Start of dance (1:06)
(The dance is "Pittsboro Pattycake" by Jim Kitch.)
Ch 7 - Called Dance II (4:29)
Start of walk-through (0:17)
Start of dance (1:14)
(The dance is "Shades of Shadrach" by Gene Hubert.)
Ch 8 - Contra Origins and CCD (3:58)
Background and history of contra dancing (0:30)
Information on the Chatahoochee Country Dancers of Atlanta (2:10)
A CCD Dance video montage (2:45)
Ch 9 - Contra Credits (2:57)
Credits: script, caller, intro, dancers, musicians, and tunes titles.